Show Popup on Entering Funnel/Website

Show Popup on Entering Funnel/Website

Modified on:Wed, 21 Sep, 2022 at 3:09 PM


This article shows how you can show a popup on entering a website/funnel.


<script> window.onload = function(){ var myId = “#button-t_VWjJUUG” //Replace this with your button’s css selector var myTime = 2000 //Time in milliseconds setTimeout(function(){ var x = document.querySelectorAll(myId + ” button”); x[0].click(); }, myTime)} </script>


Steps to make this work:

  1. Add a button in the funnel/website
  2. In the button actions, select Open popup
  3. Go to button’s advanced settings and copy the CSS Selector
  4. Go to settings > tracking code > Footer code
  5. Paste this script and replace the css selector in the script
  6. Replace the time with your desired time
  7. Save and Preview


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