Outlook Integration – Syncing Phalera Calendars With Outlook

Outlook Integration – Syncing Phalera Calendars With Outlook

Modified on: Mon, 19 Sep, 2022 at 1:09 AM

You can read and write calendar events to Outlook. Only one Outlook account can be 

connected to one user in a single location. 


Only Office 365, Outlook.com, live.com, or Hotmail calendars are supported.

How to connect to Outlook Integration?

Navigate to Settings >> Profile >> and you will find the Integrations section and you can

 connect the Outlook account from There.


Note: Logged in user should be part of the location and only in that case you can find the Profile in

 the Settings menu.


How to configure my calendar to use Outlook Integration?

Navigate to Settings >> Profile >>  and you will find Calendar Configuration in Calendar 

configuration you have 2 segments.

  • Primary Calendar: It reads all the calendar events from Google/Outlook and it writes all the appointments to Outlook/Google.

  • Check for Conflicts: It only reads calendar events from Google/Outlook.

Primary Calendar Configuration : 

Click on the edit button under Primary calendar and you can select your outlook

      account and you’ll find all your outlook calendars in the dropdown and you can 

select one of the calendars to which you want to read and write. 


Check for Conflicts Configuration:

Click on the edit button under Check for Conflicts and you’ll find all your calendars 

inside your Outlook account. Proceed to select the calendar that you want to check for conflicts 



Will outlook integration work in unassigned calendars?

No, it only works for team calendars.


Can I connect two different outlook accounts in one location to one user?

No, you can connect only one outlook account to one user in a location.


The system is not allowing me to connect an Outlook account to a user who is already connected by a different user. If that is functionality can you guys give me a workaround for the same

Yes, one Outlook account can be connected to one single user in any number 

of locations, but the same Outlook account can’t be connected to a different 

user, However, we are showing a detailed message for the same.

Sample Message


Connect a new outlook account to User B and share that particular outlook calendar

 from the already connected Outlook account of User A to the new Outlook account of USER B.


I’m an admin, can I connect Outlook integration to agents from Team Management?

No, as of now you have to log in to the system with your Agents account 

and connect to Outlook, and then you can configure Primary and Calendar 

Configuration from Team Management.

Can I use both google calendar and outlook calendar at the same time?

Yes, you can use both google and outlook at the same time. You can configure 

the primary calendar to Outlook and Check for Conflicts from Google, Outlook, 

and vice-versa.

Can I write appointments to both Google and Outlook at the same time for one single user in a location?

No, you can write appointments to only one calendar at a time.


Is this feature supported in my billing plan?

Outlook integration is exclusive to the Freelancer 297 and Agency Pro 497 plans. That’s why you will see the following messages under different roles.

Agency role message: Oops.. this feature is supported in the Freelancer and Agency Pro Plans

Account role message: Outlook Integration is not enabled for your account. Please contact the administrator.


Please Note:

For recurring meetings, the system will only sync the first event in the series. If any event is changed in series it will not sync back to the system.


– Once you disconnect Outlook integration, we automatically remove the outlook calendars that are connected in the primary calendar and check for conflicts calendar.


Microsoft Access – LeadConnector: We’re waiting for Microsoft to approve the app. So for now, we will need admin access to use Outlook calendar with Phalera.


Let this app access your info? (unverified)

LeadConnector needs your permission to:

Read your profile

LeadConnector will be able to read your profile.

Read your calendars

LeadConnector will be able to read events in your calendars.

Have full access to your calendars

LeadConnector will be able to read, update, create and delete events in your calendars.

Maintain access to data you have given LeadConnector access to

Allows LeadConnector to see and update the data you gave it access to, even when you are not currently using the app. This does not give LeadConnector any additional permissions.

Accepting these permissions means that you allow this app to use your data as specified in their terms of service and privacy statement. You can change these permissions at https://microsoft.com/consent.

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