Integration with Popular Marketing Tools

Automate your operations and free up time for yourself and the team

Phalera integrates with many existing marketing tools and software apps businesses rely on for day-to-day operations. 

Make your life easier by taking full advantage of this all-in-one CRM software.

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Automate More; Save More


Simplify your financial transactions with seamless integration. Phalera CRM now integrates effortlessly with Stripe, ensuring secure and efficient payment processing for your business.

GMB (Google My Business)

Elevate your local presence! Phalera CRM integrates with Google My Business to streamline your business information, manage reviews, and enhance your online visibility—all from one centralized platform.


Enhance your communication strategy. Phalera CRM’s integration with Twilio ensures that your SMS and voice communication are seamlessly integrated and managed within your CRM.


Unlock endless possibilities by integrating Phalera CRM with Zapier. Seamlessly connect your favorite apps and automate tasks to boost productivity.

Facebook Ads

Optimize your ad campaigns with Phalera CRM’s Facebook Ads integration. Track pixels, manage leads, and enhance your social media marketing strategy.

Google Ads

Maximize your advertising impact with Phalera CRM’s Google Ads integration. Effortlessly sync data and gain insights to refine your marketing strategy.

Facebook Business Page

Seamlessly connect and manage your Facebook Business Page with Phalera CRM. Streamline communication and enhance your social media presence.

Facebook Messenger

Keep conversations flowing with Phalera CRM’s Facebook Messenger integration. Centralize your messages and stay connected with customers.

Zoom Calendar Booking

Simplify scheduling with Phalera CRM’s Zoom Calendar Booking integration. Seamlessly coordinate meetings and appointments with your clients.


Elevate your webinar experience with Phalera CRM’s WebinarKit integration. Seamlessly manage registrations and engage your audience effortlessly.

Google Webinar

Elevate your virtual events with Phalera CRM’s Google Webinar integration. Effortlessly manage registrations and participant interactions.

Google Calendar

Stay organized with Phalera CRM’s Google Calendar integration. Sync your appointments and never miss a meeting again.

Outlook Email

Streamline your email communication with Phalera CRM’s Outlook Email integration. Keep your inbox organized and stay on top of client correspondence.


Boost your email productivity with Phalera CRM’s Gmail integration. Centralize your communications and enhance collaboration.

Apple Pay

Enhance your payment options with Phalera CRM’s Apple Pay integration. Provide a seamless checkout experience for your customers.

Google Pay

Simplify transactions with Phalera CRM’s Google Pay integration. Offer a convenient and secure payment option for your clients.


Seamlessly manage your e-commerce operations with Phalera CRM’s Shopify integration. Sync orders and customer data effortlessly.


Optimize your payment workflows with Phalera CRM’s PayPal integration. Streamline transactions and keep your financials in sync.

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