How to Send Review Requests

How to Send Review Requests

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In this article, we will cover several ways to send review requests to clients manually and automatically within the CRM. Prompting your clients to provide reviews on your Google My Business Page provides several benefits which we will cover below


Covered in this article:

Pre-requisites before getting started with review requests

Ways to send Review Requests:

  • 1. Quick Actions: (Manual)
  • 2. Workflow Action: (Automated)
  • 3. Reputations Tab: (Manual)


What do the different review request statuses mean?



  • How to dispute or report a google review

Prerequisites before getting started with review requests

  • To send Google reviews links please integrate GMB first (See Guide), 
  • Review requests will need to be enabled (toggled on) in the sub-accounts settings
  • (Optional) Customize your outbound (SMS/Email) review messaging


Here are several reasons why you would want to get as many reviews as possible:

If you’re a business owner, then you probably already know that the answer to why your business or service would need reviews is “because it helps people find out more about your business.” 

And there’s more…

1) To increase sales and conversions

If you’re selling a product or service, then it makes sense to have positive reviews from happy customers. They can help convince potential buyers that the product/service will be good for them.

2) To improve SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important aspects of running an online business. Having high-quality content is great, but if your site isn’t optimized for search engines like Google and Bing, then it won’t rank as well in searches.

3) To build trust with visitors

When people visit your website, they want to know that they are dealing with someone who is trustworthy. If you have lots of negative comments on your site, then this could damage your reputation and cause customers to be less likely to buy from you in the future.

4) To provide a better customer experience

If you don’t offer any reviews or ratings for products, then it can make it difficult for potential buyers to find what they need. This will also mean that they may not get the best deal when buying online.


Ways to send Review Requests:

There are three ways to send review requests from within the CRM:

1. Quick Actions – This is a Manual action by the user

2. Workflow Action – This is an Automated action that sends a review request from within a workflow. If the contact has an assigned user the review request will come from the assigned user.

3. Reputation TabThis is a Manual action by the user




1. Quick Actions: (Manual)

Quick Actions are shortcuts available in the top left above the sidebar which allows you to perform a set of actions with a few clicks. One of those actions is Sending a review Request:

Please Note: When sending a review request, the person who is signed in will be the one listed as the sender of that message. 

If you are looking to send a review request from the contact’s assigned user, please use the Workflows action “Send Review Request” to send a request on behalf of the assigned user (listed below).


2. Workflow Action: (Automated)

To automate the review request process within a workflow please add the “Send Review Request” action > Select the channel Email/ SMS


3. Reputations Tab: (Manual)

In the sidebar, you can head to the Reputation tab> Requests> To send an individual Review Request Manually and to keep a track of all the review requests that are being sent:

What do the different review request statuses mean?

Queued: When the user creates a review request, the system will attempt to send the request immediately. If there is a queue of other review requests in front of your request, there may be a slight delay before the request goes out.

Another possible reason is that the email/SMS request is set up to send after one day:

Sent: The system has sent the review request.

Delivered: After the system has sent the review request, only Twilio confirms the delivery of the SMS sent. Mailgun will not provide a delivered status.

Failed: When a review request fails to deliver. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as the phone number not being valid. 

If you are using another SMTP integration, please make sure to send the review request by logging in with the user email that matches the SMTP integrated email. The system will use the user login email as the sender’s email when sending review request emails.



How to dispute or report a google review

To dispute or report a Google Review that you believe is wrong or spam please follow the instructions in this article:

How to Dispute a Google Review and Check on the Dispute Status


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