Using Google/Gmail/GSuite as your SMTP Provider

Using Google/Gmail/GSuite as your SMTP Provider 

Modified on: Fri, 16 Sep, 2022 at 6:16 PM


Create app-specific passwords for accounts with 2- step verification on: 


Important Note: Please use a VPN when trying to connect to Gmail SMTP for Users in the Philippines

Quick access:

Go to

If you are on

Click on your icon on the top right

Click on Manage your Google Account


Click on Security

Scroll down further and Click on App passwords

Note: If app passwords is missing, that means your 2-step verification is off. You can turn on 2-step verification to see App passwords here. 

If 2-step verification is missing, that means the option to allow users to turn on 2-step verification is off. Please follow this article to enable the option.

Make sure the right email is selected from the dropdown

Type password

Click on Next

Click on Other (Custom name) and name it SMTP integration (anything works)


Drag to copy the highlighted text and paste it as the password when integrating Gmail SMTP

Go to the sub account to integrate for the client:

Once you are in the sub account

Click on Settings at the bottom left

Scroll further to Click on SMTP & Mailgun Services

Click on Add Service on the top right

Click on Select Provider

Click on Gmail


Paste the generated app password here and click Save, done!


How to enable 2-step verification:

Click on the 9 dots menu here on the top right

Scroll down to click on Admin

Go to the Main menu on the top left

Click on Security > Authentication > 2-step verification


Make sure that the option to Allow users to turn on 2-Step Verification is enabled

Refresh the manage your Google account page to see if 2-Step Verification shows up now:



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