Getting Started with Phalera

Welcome to Phalera – your all-in-one CRM solution to enhance your business operations and drive growth. To help you get started, this guide will walk you through the initial steps of using Phalera, right from logging in to understanding the features available to you.

1. Logging In:

Visit the Phalera login page by clicking here.

Enter your login credentials to access your account.

Once logged in, you’ll be greeted by the dashboard, which offers a comprehensive view of your business activities.

2. Accessing and Setting up Your Business Profile:

On the bottom left of your screen, click on the “settings” section.

Begin with the “Business Profile Settings”. Here, ensure you fill out all the requisite information accurately. This step helps Phalera tailor its functions to your business needs.

3. Managing Your Team:

From the settings, navigate to “My Staff”.

Here, you can add all your staff members to your account. Additionally, you can assign roles, manage their access permissions, and oversee their activities on Phalera.

4. Integrating Other Platforms:

Head over to “Integrations” in the settings.

You can seamlessly connect your Google accounts (Remember: While multiple accounts can be linked, designate one as the primary email address), Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Stripe, and TikTok. This integration ensures all your tools communicate and work harmoniously.

A Glimpse into Phalera's Features:

Dashboard: Gain insights into your business performance over different durations.

Conversations: Manage all your communications, including emails, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, Google My Business inquiries, chat widget messages, and more.

Calendars: A unified view of all your team calendars and scheduled activities.

Contacts: Organize and segment your leads for targeted communication.

Opportunities: Monitor your business progress through pipelines.

Payments: Oversee your invoices, subscriptions, orders, transactions, products, and promotional coupons.

Marketing Hub: Access tools like the social media planner, email templates, and the affiliate manager for an enhanced marketing reach.

Automation: Design workflows and campaigns to automate repetitive tasks and engage leads.

Sites: Create funnels, forms, surveys, and a client portal, which offers a singular interaction point for your clientele.

Memberships: Deliver courses and foster online communities for enhanced customer engagement.

Reputation: Monitor reviews and engage with feedback to build your brand reputation.

Reporting: Dive deep into analytics with reports on calls, emails, bookings, conversions, lead sources, and more.


You are now ready to delve deep into Phalera’s world. Every feature is designed to make your business processes smoother, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. Should you have any questions or need further guidance, our support team is always here to help!


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