Create a Pipeline

Create a Pipeline

Modified on: Sun, 16 Oct, 2022 at 3:22 PM


Follow the steps below to create a pipeline:

  1. Click Settings in the account view
  2. Click Pipeline
  3. Click + Create new pipeline
  4. Name your pipeline in the Pipeline name stage
  5. Add stages to your pipeline in the Stage name fields
    1. You can use the arrows 
    2. You can use the red trash bin icon under the Actions column to delete a stage in the pipeline
  6. Click Save

Do’s 😀

– Do put yourself in the shoes of your client when building their pipeline. What does their sales flow/process look like? Replicate that here!

– Do experiment with different pipelines and stages. Since you are reading this article, you are probably a Phalera newbie :-), and that is totally fine. You may find yourself changing stages and pipelines as your knowledge and experience with our software grows. Nothing wrong with that!

Don’ts 🙁

– Don’t add won & loss as stages to your pipeline. We do that automatically for you!

– Don’t add *asterisks* Stages to your pipeline (ie. No Show). Leads should have to go through EVERY stage of your pipeline. Asterisks stages will ruin your dashboard stats which will be covered in another article.

– Don’t overcomplicate things! If there are only a few stages to your client’s pipeline, that is totally fine. Don’t add stages that don’t exist. 

– Don’t copy my pipeline (or anyone else’s) if they do not work with you! Pipelines are really client dependent. 



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