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Communication with Phalera

The ultimate all-in-one CRM to supercharge your sales team’s productivity.

Phalera Email Suite

Step up your email game with Phalera’s unified inbox, potent automation, and features designed to supercharge your customer outreach.

Seamless Integration

Sync with Gmail, Outlook, and more for a centralized workflow. Phalera seamlessly integrates with your email providers, ensuring all your conversations are curated within your CRM.

Efficient Automation

Harness the power of our multi-channel Sequences to simplify your outreach strategies. Craft using templates, establish triggers, and maintain your outreach cadence.

Bulk Email Outreach

Target specific leads based on the Smart View and curate your outreach accordingly. When sending emails via Phalera, have the flexibility to determine send times and keep a keen eye on engagement metrics - an indispensable feature for bulk campaigns.

A Suite of Features

With Phalera, enjoy functionalities like shareable templates. You can also effortlessly switch between various email accounts and enrich your communications with dynamic lead data using Template Tags.

Phalera Calling Suite

Embark on a revolutionized sales call experience with Phalera. We’re here to address the typical challenges faced by your reps – from lingering dial tones and incessant busy signals to the tedious hunt for phone numbers. With Phalera, sales calls are no longer a chore, but a streamlined process.

Phalera Calling Suite

Maximized Calling, Minimized Effort

Harness the simplicity and affordability of our in-built calling system. Phalera’s calling suite adapts effortlessly to your team’s needs, ensuring you get top-tier features without any hidden costs.

Robust Core Features

Sync with Gmail, Outlook, and more for a centralized workflow. Phalera seamlessly integrates with your email providers, ensuring all your conversations are curated within your CRM.

Integrated Call Workflows

Automated Calls: Set predefined conditions and let Phalera automatically initiate calls to your leads, ensuring timely follow-ups and engagements.
Manual Call Tasks within Workflow: Create manual call tasks within your workflow. This allows your reps to have personalized touchpoints with leads, ensuring a perfect blend of automation and human interaction.

Phalera SMS Suite

Elevate your workflow and reach out to your contacts with greater immediacy using Phalera's integrated SMS feature.

Phalera’s texting capabilities are designed to perfectly complement your email and call outreach, capitalizing on the distinct advantages of SMS in the sales domain.

Seamless Interaction

Access, read, and reply to SMS messages directly from your Phalera Inbox, ensuring no communication gap.

Integrated Multi-channel Sequences

Integrate SMS within your multi-channel sequences. Let automation guide your prospect follow-up and outreach, ensuring timely and relevant interactions.

Phalera Calendar Sync

Simplify and streamline your daily scheduling with Phalera's seamless Calendar Sync.

Phalera effortlessly synchronizes with your Google and Outlook calendars, ensuring that all your appointments and meetings are consolidated into a single, unified view. With everything at a glance, you can easily identify and manage potential scheduling conflicts across all associated calendars.

Task Assignment with Phalera

Empower your team by allocating sales tasks to those best suited for specific responsibilities, especially when navigating actions that deviate from the routine workflow.

Team Overview

Maintain a bird's eye view of your team's activities. Track individual revenue generation, monitor skill enhancement, and observe pivotal sales prospects as they journey through the sales funnel.

Unified Direction

Capitalizing on centralized communication and collaboration, Phalera ensures everyone is on the same page. By providing a comprehensive context for each lead, you enable your team to work with precision. Set clear, actionable sales milestones, and provide visionary leadership that keeps your team forward-focused.

Empower Your Sales with Phalera

Your go-to CRM for unparalleled efficiency and an unmatched boost to your sales team’s performance.

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