Click To Call To Text And Email Links & Buttons

Click-To-Call, Click-To-Text, and Click-To-Email Links & Buttons

Modified on: Tue, 20 Sep 2022 at 2:06 PM

How do make links and buttons that people Click To Call Text And Email

Click-to-call buttons/links are a great way to reduce friction for the end users and increase conversion, especially on mobile devices, by allowing them to simply click or tap a button/link to launch a phone call.


Click-To-Call Buttons

Creating click-to-call buttons in the funnel builder is easy thanks to the actions dropdown:

Click-To-Call Buttons

Click-To-Text Buttons

You can also use the Button Actions dropdown to select “Click To SMS”, which will open up your phone or computer’s default messaging service.

Click-To-Text Buttons


Click-To-Call Text Links

To create a text link that people can click/tap to initiate a phone call:

  1. Add a Paragraph element
  2. Type the phone number
  3. Highlight the whole number and click the “Add A Link” icon, then type tel: followed by the + symbol then the country code (01 for US numbers) then the number.
  4. Hit Enter to save

So if the phone number you want to make a link for is 555-555-5555, you would enter tel:+015555555555 then hit enter: 

Click-To-Call Text Links

Click-To-Email Links

To make a text link that people can click/tap to open up an email pre-addressed to an email address of your choosing:

  1. Add a Paragraph element
  2. Type the text you want to make a link
  3. Highlight the text and click the “Add A Link” icon, then type mailto: followed by the email address.
  4. Hit Enter to save

So if the email we wanted people to be able to send to via this link was, we would enter and then hit enter:

Click-To-Email Links


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