Building Your First Funnel Page with Phalera

1. Selecting and Customizing a Template

Choose a Template

Log into your Phalera account.

Navigate to the site section o the left side of your screen

Click on New Funnel, It will populate a window where you can choose to build a funnel from scratch or choose from a template.

If you’d like to proceed to build your funnel from scratch, pick “From Blank”.

Name your funnel and click Create

Once you click create, your funnel will populate on your list of funnels

Click on the funnel name and start building your funnel

If you’d like to build from templates, Navigate to the right and pick “From Templates” then click “Create”

Use the filter section to select the best template for your business

Click on the template that fits your needs to select it.

Click continue to add the selected template

You’ll be taken to this page

Once the template is loaded in the editor, you can start customizing

  • Change the default images by uploading your own.
  • Modify the text to fit your brand’s message and tone.
  • Adjust the color scheme if necessary to match your brand colors.

2. Using the Drag & Drop Builder


Understand the Builder Interface

Familiarize yourself with the toolbox or sidebar. It usually contains various element settings you can use to customize your website like in the example below

Adding Elements

Simply click on the elements tab at the top of the funnel builder

Click on “Add Element” to populate the whole list of elements

Drag the element to the desired spot on the website nd customize as needed

Modifying Elements

Click on the element you want to modify on the website.

Adjust the settings using the toolbox (e.g., change text, alter image size, adjust alignment).

Rearranging Elements

Click and hold the element you wish to move.

Drag it to the desired position and release.

3. Publishing and Testing Your Website

Always preview your website (Using Phalera’s preview mode) to see how it looks before publishing.

Once satisfied with the preview, update your Meta data and save your funnel page

Click on it to make your website live.

4. Test on Different Devices

Open your website on different devices like mobiles, tablets, and desktops to ensure responsiveness.

Test all links, forms, and other interactive elements to ensure functionality.


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