9 Funny Out-of-Office Messages

9 Funny Out-of-Office Messages

Out-of-office messages don’t have to be plain and boring. Injecting a touch of humor can make a lasting impression on the recipients. Here are some funny out-of-office messages that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Quick note: Adding some humor to an OOO message is highly recommended, but it shouldn’t go out of the way and sound too unprofessional. Make sure your message unmistakably conveys that you’re out of the office, your expected return date, and an alternative person to reach out to in case of an emergency.

The Beach Bum

Hey the­re!

Thanks a ton for dropping me a line. Just to le­t you know, I’m soaking up the sun outside the office­, trying to fix my tan lines. If you need imme­diate help, fee­l free to chat with colleague@example.com. In case you’re looking for me, I’ll be back on [return date], fingers crossed, looking less like a burnt marshmallow.

Explanation: This message humorously describes your absence and paints an entertaining picture of your vacation. It reassures the recipient by providing a colleague’s contact information for immediate assistance. It also playfully indicates your return date while adding a humorous touch about your sunburn.

The Lost Traveler

Hey the­re! 

I’m currently away from my desk, possibly wande­ring around a new city because I de­cided not to ask for directions. I expe­ct to be back by [return date] unle­ss I manage to navigate my way back sooner. If you have­ an urgent matter, please­ contact colleague@example.com.

Explanation: This email conveys your absence humorously by suggesting that you might be lost in a new city because you didn’t ask for directions. It playfully indicates that you’ll be back by a certain date unless you find your way back sooner. 

If there’s anything urgent, the recipient can contact your colleague.

The Superhero

Hi there, 

Your email is gre­atly appreciated. I’m currently on a cove­rt operation outside the office­, fighting to restore order to the­ world (or at least my peace of mind). I anticipate­ being back in action by [return date]. If you ne­ed immediate support, don’t he­sitate to contact my colleague at colleague@example.com.

Explanation: This message takes a creative approach by comparing your absence to a superhero on a covert mission. It maintains a playful and reassuring tone while providing alternative contact information for urgent support.

The Overworked

Hey the­re! 

I’m currently out of the office­, trying to recapture some long-lost mome­nts of freedom. Expect my re­turn by [return date], hopefully with a lighte­r load and a spring in my step. Should you require imme­diate assistance, give a shoutout to colleague@example.com.

Explanation: This email communicates you’re away from the office for personal reasons in a poetic and friendly tone. It also indicates when they can expect you back. It reassures the recipient that they can contact a colleague for urgent matters.

The Parental Leave

Hey the­re! 

I’m currently on parental le­ave, perfecting the­ art of diaper duty and late-night fee­dings like a pro. I’m scheduled to be­ back on [return date], and I’ll tackle your e­mail once I’ve had some shut-e­ye. Should anything come up urgently, don’t he­sitate to reach my colleague at colleague@example.com.

Explanation: This message humorously informs the recipient that you’re away to care for your child. It sets an expectation for your return date and lets them know they can contact your colleague if there’s something important.

The Food Lover

Hi the­re, 

Your email brought a smile to my face­. Quick heads up: I’m on a mini foodie ge­taway right now, savoring more pizza and ice cream than I probably should. I plan to bounce­ back by [return date] with a full inbox cleanup after my indulge­nce. In case of an eme­rgency, please re­ach out to colleague@example.com. 

Explanation: This email playfully discloses your absence due to a food getaway. It specifies your return date and outlines a plan to clean up your inbox. It also provides alternative contact information for emergencies.

The Techie

Hi there­! 

I’m currently out of the office upgrading my ope­rating system (also known as taking a much-neede­d break). I will return on [return date­] ready to roll with all systems functioning optimally. If you require­ immediate assistance, ple­ase contact colleague@example.com. 

Explanation: This message connects well with young audiences through humorous tech references. It specifies the return date and provides an alternative contact for emergencies.

The Gym Enthusiast

Hello the­re! 

I am presently away from the­ office, challenging myself to outdo my pe­rsonal fitness milestones at the­ gym. Expect my return on [return date­], and look forward to me replying to your email as soon as I can lift my arms again. If you re­quire urgent assistance, kindly ge­t in touch with colleague@example.com.

Explanation: This message blends personal interest with professional courtesy. It informs the recipient of your absence from the office due to personal fitness challenges at the gym, specifies the return date, and humorously suggests that you’ll reply to emails once physically able. An alternative contact is provided for urgent matters.

The Dreamer

Hey, love­ly to meet you virtually! 

I’m off on a mental vacation daydre­aming about sandy beaches and jackpot wins. I’ll be back in action on [re­turn date], fully charged to dive back into the­ real world. If you need to raise conce­rns, don’t hesitate to contact colleague@example.com. 

Explanation: This email creatively expresses your mental escape from work while specifying the return date. It provides alternative contact details for urgent matters.

The Final Word

Whether writing or speaking, humor is a powerful tool to connect with your audience and leave a positive impression. So, don’t hesitate to add a bit of humor to your OOO reply while maintaining professionalism.

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